Board of Elders Meeting Minutes

Meeting on 3/27/2018 (Special Meeting)
Subject – Roof replacement
FBC Elders Present: Jesus Valencia, Phil Hodgson, Mike Gormican, Harlan Vangen, Jon Vangen, Ramsey Bobzin, Greg Camp
Decision was made to go with the bid from Dan’s Carpentry for $19,620. Mike made a motion to add $20,000 to our current to loan for the cost of the roof.
Jesus seconded…All Ayes.
Meeting on 3/20/18
FBC Elders present: Jesus Valencia,  Phil Hodgson,  Mike Gormican, Harlan Vangen,  Jon Vangen, Ramsey Bobzin, Greg Camp
Phil opened in prayer Treasurer’s Report –  $2,000 in savings and $17,000 in checking . We ended February $3,681 in then red. Mike motioned to accept treasurer’s report, Phil seconded…All Ayes. Secretary’s report –  Jon motioned to accept…Harlan seconded…..All Ayes
Old Business:
  • Biblical Eldership – Phil led chapter 14. Jesus will lead the final chapter 15.
  • Elders are engaged in regular devotions.
  • Water test came back good so no need for reverse osmosis.
  • IFCA regional meeting is all set for April 23 and 24th.
  • Jon picked up motion sensor for front door and works well.

New Business:

  • Request was made to move counter from coffee area to children’s room. Ramsey motioned to accept request, Jon seconded…All Ayes.
  • Harlan made a possible recommendation to put out a mailer for our church to be included in the shopper. No decision was made.
  • Will review all missions for 2019 budget to ensure that they are biblical in their teaching.
  • Need to schedule a time for an affirmation vote for Pastor Mike. No date was set.
  • Elders will be starting a new book on how to prepare for a sermon.
  • Look into silk for flowers for Easter due to allergies in the congregation.
  • Greg will pick up donuts for Easter morning.
  • Special meeting for roof replacement at 6pm, Tuesday, March 27.
  • Will set up time for next meeting to vote for office positions.
  • Mike will be gone May 20th
    • Jesus motioned to adjourn….Ramsey seconded