April 12th, 2020

Good morning! Happy resurrection Sunday. Today we look at Mary Magdalene as she returns to the tomb crying. One of the two angels asked “Why are you crying?” She turns and Jesus is standing behind her. She thinks He is the gardener until He speaks her name. Her grief blinded her to the reality of Jesus’ resurrection. He asks her to stop clinging to Him as He is going to the Father. The relationship has changed. Jesus is done with His earthly ministry and is sending the Holy Spirit who will in dwell every believer soon (Pentecost). Then Jesus appears to the disciples without Thomas being present. Thomas says he won’t believe until he sees the marks of crucifixion on Jesus’ hands and side. A week latter Jesus returns and tells Thomas to put his finger in His hand and put his hand in Jesus’ side. Thomas exclaims “My Lord and my God.” Jesus accepts Thomas’ worship and points out how blessed we are to believe without having seen what Thomas did. I pray all who read this will have believed and therefore be blessed. God bless all of you.