May 2nd, 2020

Good morning dear people. In Psalm 98 we are told to sing to the Lord a new song. In verses 4-6 he speaks of shouting and singing with specific instruments. At times our worship should be with great enthusiasm. In public and in private as well. In heaven we will have perfect voices and harmony. How exciting. In Ezekiel 17 God gives the prophet an allegory about two eagles. The first takes Israel from a cedar of Lebanon and plants it as a vine by the river. But when the vine grows strong it seeks a different eagle (false gods) far away from the river and is destroyed. This represented Jerusalem at that time and the king’s rebellion against Babylon but more importantly his rebellion against God. In Matthew 19 we have the discussion about divorce and then we come to the rich young ruler. He asks what good thing he could do to inherit eternal life. Jesus points out there is only one “good” and that is God. Jesus tells him to obey the commandments and he asks “which ones?” Wow I missed the part with the pick and choose commandments. Eventually Jesus told him to sell all and follow Him. He left disappointed because he had great wealth. The mans problem was his trust in his riches not that he had them, Lazarus was rich, Nicodemus was rich, but they trusted in Jesus not their wealth. “Jesus paid it all,” says the hymn, “all to Him I owe.” Let us believe in Jesus as Paul told the Philippian jailer. God bless you all dear people.