May 1st, 2020

Psalm 97 again praises the Lord for His righteousness and justice which characterize His throne. “All who worship images are put to shame,” There is no other god than the one true God. “Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous, and praise His holy name.” In Ezekiel 16 we have God recounting the desperate condition Israel was in when He found her. The whole allegory speaks of Israel as an unfaithful wife who whored herself to other gods, sacrificed children, verse 20, and made Sodom look righteous by comparison. But since the covenant was eternal and depended upon God alone He offered Israel and by extension you and I, atonement for all they had done. In Matthew 18 Jesus spoke first about how we had to humble ourselves spiritually in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. The Jesus said Woe to the person who misleads children or anyone else spiritually, it would be better to lose the offending limb that to have your whole body cast into hell. We live in a world that promotes evil and targets children with that evil, i.e. “drag queen story hour.” Telling children there are multiple genders etc. Let’s not just tell children about Jesus but also live a life that reflects Jesus as best we can. God bless you all dear friends.