Faith Bible Church

Board of Elders Meeting Minutes


 FBC Elders present: Jesus Valencia  , Phil Hodgson,  Mike Gormican, Harlan Vangen,  Jon Vangen, Ramsey Bobzin, Greg Camp

Phil opened in prayer

Treasures Report –  Finished YTD – $2377.64 in the black..

Mike motioned to accept treasures report…Jesus seconded – All ayes.

Secretary’s report –Phil motioned to accept…Jon seconded…..All Ayes

Old Business:

  • Biblical Eldership – Ramsey will lead chapter 12 next meeting.
  • Elders are engaged in regular devotions.
  • Reverse osmosis for church…Harlan and Sandy will continue to bring water from home.
  • Airport…use of building. Harlan is communicating with.


New Business:

  • Lights on sign…Gary Gander will look at for a wider angle light.
  • Jews for Jesus – Wednesday April 17, 2019. Will give them the standard fill in fee of $150 for doing the sermon along with a free will offering.
  • Annual meeting – Need to put in bulletin by 1/28/18.
  • Winter camp….will rent passenger van again.


Jon motioned to close….Ramsey seconded….All Ayes.


Phil motioned to adjourn….Harlan seconded.

Phil closed in prayer.