Faith Bible Church Board of elders Minutes of February 9, 2016 FBC Elders present: Clark Hodgson, Ramsey Bobzin, Harlan Vangen, Phil Hodgson, Mike Gormican and Greg Camp. Advisor(s) present: Jon Vangen. Phil Hodgson called the meeting to order and opened in prayer. Treasurer’s report – Treasurer Harlan Vangen presented the January financials and financials for the end of the fiscal year. FBC finished the month $2000 in the red due to an unbudgeted insurance payment. For the fiscal year ending January 31, FBC finished in the black overall and was less than $1000 over the 2015 spending plan. Ramsey Bobzin moved to accept the report as presented. Mike Gormican seconded the motion. There was no further discussion and the motion passed on voice vote with no dissent. Secretary’s report – Minutes of the January 19 regular meeting were reviewed. Harlan Vangen moved to accept the minutes as presented. Greg Camp seconded the motion. There was no further discussion and the motion passed on voice vote with no dissent. Old Business * Devotions – All FBC elders report they have been engaged in consistent study / prep / quiet times. * Snow Plowing – Landmark will plow snow from around the building on weekdays as part of our rent. Snow removal that needs to occur on the weekends will be the responsibility of FBC. * Annual Meeting – Proposed amendments were reviewed and discussed at length. Recommended changes were approved with the stipulation of a June 1 effective date for all amendments. Mike Gormican will present the amendments at the annual meeting. Clark Hodgson will prepare an agenda and ballots for the annual meeting. . The 2016 Spending Plan was reviewed as well. * CEF Board of Directors position – Mike Gormican decided to accept the position on the CEF board of directors and has completed all necessary paperwork. * Church Directory – The church directory will not be available for the annual meeting. New Business * Pulpit vacancy – Mike Gormican informed the elders that he will be on vacation either April 10 or April 17 and one of the elders will need to teach. Ramsey Bobzin will cover that date. There were no additional items for discussion. Clark Hodgson moved to adjourn. Phil Hodgson seconded the motion. There was no further discussion, and the motion to adjourn carried on voice vote with no dissent. Greg Camp closed the meeting with prayer. Respectfully submitted, Clark Hodgson Secretary - Board of elders